OS – Data Recovery

Despite the constantly improving reliability of operating systems, users still sometimes experience operating system failures. An operating system may fail due to the corruption of the OS logical structures (caused either by computer viruses or human errors) or due to the damage of a storage on which the OS is installed (caused by hardware failures, system breakdowns, instantaneous power failure resulting in file system structures corruption).

The corrupted operating system is unable to boot. A failed operating system will attempt to start and may progress to a certain point, freeze and not boot any further. It may attempt to boot and then stop with a blue screen or error message as well. But if the computer goes to a black screen very quickly with the “Invalid System Disk” or “Please Insert Bootable Media” message, particularly if the machine doesn’t report the presence of the hard disk drive, then it’s a failed disk not a failed operating system. In this case, it’s strongly recommended to take the disk to data recovery specialists for the examination.

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